About Cyclewright

We moved Cyclewright to bike station and back again. Having tried retail for 3 years we decided to move back to mobile from the home workshop.

We are trading as Cyclewright and bike station

We are open and accepting work (April 2020)

Hi! I’m Jon.

I’m a mobile cycle repair and service specialist, with 20years experience in the bike trade.

With CYCLEWRIGHT, you can rest easy. I come to you, at home, at work, or wherever is easiest for you. We can discuss your needs, agree what work needs doing, and then I can complete the work there-and-then, or alternatively, bring your bike back to my fully equipped workshop, returning it to you once the job is completed. In the majority of cases, the work can be done from my well equipped and stocked mobile workshop, but once in a while, the additional facilities of my main shop are required.